Welcome to Doors Open Chatham-Kent 2012 !

A few new sites and a few old favourites are on the list of places to visit during the Doors Open event in Chatham-Kent this year. Some new sites include the River Bell Market Gardens, the St. Clair College Thames Campus HealthPlex (both new ventures in the community); while the Pines Chapel has been on the itinerary before, the new owners have renovated/restored much of the Chapel, and have big plans for some of the other areas.

 This year’s other sites are Caleb Village, Classic Coachworks, Dresden Branch library, North Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Retro Suites Hotel, the Tecumseh monument (Longwoods Road, Thamesville), the Trillium Trail Historic Walk (from the library in Dresden), Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site, the original Ursuline motherhouse, TVCOGECO and 99.1FM CKXS radio station in Wallaceburg. Many of the sites are offering refreshment and other activities; for example, if you visit the TVCOGECO studios at 491 Richmond Street, in Chatham, you will have a chance to enter a draw for a flat-screen TV.

 Admission to all sites is free, including ones that normally charge a fee (Uncle Tom’s Cabin and North Buxton National Historic site).

 At each site, there will be site evaluations that can be filled out, and Doors Open t-shirts are being awarded to two people that fill them in – so the more sites that you visit, the more forms that you fill out, the more chances you have at winning one of the t-shirts!

Doors Open is a province-wide (and for that matter, international) celebration of community heritage, culture and architecture. Designed to create access, awareness and excitement about our heritage, Doors Open provides residents and visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy sometimes hidden and always interesting places and spaces.

Due to previous commitments, some sites are only open Saturday or Sunday, or have limited hours. For more information, check out the site listings.

Doors Open Chatham-Kent is

supported by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent through the Community Partnership Fund and

sponsored by TVCOGECO and Hub Creative Group.


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